Rainier Paint Horse Club 

Rainier Paint Horse Club (RPHC) is a group of Paint Horse owners that ride recreationally, show, train, breed, and enjoy their horses. 

We all love our Paints! 

RPHC is a family-oriented, friendly club for horse enthusiasts.  
We meet monthly after a social dinner hour. 
We have members of all ages with horses of all kinds, and some that don’t even own horses. 

As an APHA Regional Club Affiliate we use the Paint Horse to…
Promote and stimulate interest by encouraging Paint breeding for conformation and ability; by promoting interest in the Paint as a breed; by sponsoring/encouraging Paint Horse classes in all horse shows, pleasure and trail riding, racing and all activities of the same nature in every way possible; by promoting good horsemanship and good sportsmanship; by educating the public about the qualities of the Paint Horse and the American Paint Horse Association; and by encouraging membership in both the regional and national levels. 

It is our goal to provide an open forum where members can present their views and information about the American Paint Horse.
We promote good horsemanship and good sportsmanship within our meetings and shows.
We invite you to join us even if you have ten flashy show horses or just one backyard buddy.  


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"Clubs must be formed only for advancing the Paint Horse through the ideals of the national association, including good horsemanship and good sportsmanship.”

 *Regional club membership is not limited to a single club.  A Paint Enthusiast can belong to as many Paint Horse clubs as   he or she chooses.  Most APHA members belong to multiple clubs for competition purposes.  Membership is required to   participate in club's futurity and to be eligible for a club's year-end awards.